Willpower is a belief.

I’ve been craving some Lord Of The Fries lately (for those not in Melbourne, it’s like a vegan burger, fries and hotdogs place, terribly bad for you). Well, craving is the incorrect word… I’ll rephrase and say I’ve been romanticising having a disgusting greasy burger, fries with gravy and a gigantic hotdog. I set out this afternoon to sneak in a burger but found myself lying to my housemate when he got home about where I was headed. I wanted to hide my disgusting fantasy from him like I was ashamed. I’ll be truthful, I was kind of hiding it because he’s an ex professional athlete who eats an 801010 raw vegan diet. I knew he’d judge me for it, although he is adamant he’s not judgemental… to be real I was judging myself because I know better, especially when it comes to reaching my goals.

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with getting my ass out of the house to go work out, even if it is just a 20 minute jog, so I looked up some studies on willpower. Turns out it is a belief, and not a finite resource.

After learning this I guess I exercised my belief and I didn’t get Lords, I came home. That is, after I sat in the car park for 20 minutes. But I still came home sans burger. And tomorrow morning I’ll definitely be doing some exercise, so that means an early nights rest for me.
Does anyone even read my posts? lol

I’ve discovered writing in detail about my optimal self in the third person is an epic way to motivate myself and ensure i reach my goals.

i write about her traits (physical and emotional), her habits and her perfect days. her friends, her job, everything that makes her happy.

if you’re looking for a surefire way to get shit done, write about yourself in the third person. print it out, keep it in your wallet, in your car, read before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning. it fucking works.

Natalie Connelly

She’s a friend of mine and soon to be my fitness mentor. Can’t wait to start soaking up everything she teaches me and getting ready for my first physique comp!

also guys I was thinking about this today and I wanted to remind you that yes every meal, every rep, every day to day choice you make can affect the end result of your goals but remember not to get caught up in the details and to commit time every single day to visualise and realign yourself with those goals. motivation does not last forever and must be employed daily along with discipline.

you are worth it, you are strong and you are capable of anything you set your body and mind to, just don’t give up. keep going, keep pushing and smile while you’re at it because you’re amazing and I’m super proud of you xx

The ultimate fitspo.
I downloaded the Zombies, Run! app last night and gave it a go… seriously TRY IT! it’s so awesome, I haven’t run that hard in ages! Best cardio app hahaha
It’s got a great story line which plays in between songs (if you want a music play list to run to), you can pick up items on the way,  it’s AMAZING motivation. It doesn’t let you slack off - there’s nothing like having zombies chasing you down to kick your ass in to gear lol!
Recovery has shown me a lot about what my past and current actions and habits can do to my physical and mental health - my training, eating, everything.

If your actions and thoughts have got you to where you are today, are you happy with that?
The best and cheapest form of therapy…

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