Because there’s noooo way we’d ever want to get a hot sexy body for ourselves now would we? Always have to be satisfying the patriarchy don’t we?


deadlift - a workout that makes me dead. and someone has to lift me off the floor.

can anyone out there help me out with a vegan cutting diet for an aspiring physique model, or direct me towards anyone who may be able to help?

please message me here, thanks. will provide my deets for those qualified! :)

recovery is great :)

It’s funny how now I can enjoy food and literally eat so much my boobs start to spill over my bra and still love everything about myself.

12 months ago this would have been a binge and purge, complete write off of a night, I’d be hating myself and probably crying pathetically. It’s been such a long road towards changing to a positive mindset, but I’m almost 100% there :)

A brilliant response to clean eating vs IIFYM. 

I’ve been following Ian’s page for a while now and I love his posts, he’s just straight up, tells it how it needs to be told.
True story
Only YOU are in control of YOU and there is no time like the present!
What you focus on expands, what you think you become.
Hello influx of new followers, welcome to my crazy blog :)

I just realised a lot of my new followers may not know much about my story, so to quickly recap I was a fat child and have struggled with anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder, which I’ve now recovered from and almost never speak about (which is weird because if anyone ever needs help, I’m here) and am now on a journey to become a physique model and cage fighter and just general all round super nice guy. I eat a predominantly raw vegan diet but pizza and pancakes are my favourite treats.

So I hope you enjoy my blog, I sometimes post funny things as well as food, bodies and quotes. Message me whenever you like :) xx have a great day to my Australasian peeps and goodnight to all my USA and Europe friends :)



Eating at #1? That’s a big call, bae.

That is an EXTREMELY close third.

I dunno. Sex has disappointed me more times than food has.

Hmm… You’ve got a point there.. ALRIGHT my revised THREE UNDISPUTED BEST THINGS IN LIFE (in no particular order):1. Pumping,2. Humping, and3. Eating.Case closed *slams hammer on desk*


1. Pumping, and
2. Humping

people who go to the gym but smoke


also guys I was thinking about this today and I wanted to remind you that yes every meal, every rep, every day to day choice you make can affect the end result of your goals but remember not to get caught up in the details and to commit time every single day to visualise and realign yourself with those goals. motivation does not last forever and must be employed daily along with discipline.

you are worth it, you are strong and you are capable of anything you set your body and mind to, just don’t give up. keep going, keep pushing and smile while you’re at it because you’re amazing and I’m super proud of you xx

Breakfast this morning. Spinach, broccoli, kale, frozen mango, banana, LSA, YOR Fiber Plus, chia seeds, Maca powder, a splash of soymilk, water and some maple syrup to taste!
This is so super yum and nutritious, it’s full of alkaline greens for clean, oxygenated blood and nature’s battery for energy, a big fat banana! Plenty of fiber too and it tastes amaaaazing. Best way to start the day, seriously!