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I love seeing pictures of healthy, fruity and veggie-ful dishes on my dash to get me inspired to eat clean, but I don’t see enough of it. If you post a lot of yummy fitblr foods can you please like and reblog this?

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Food for thought…. this is huge!

I’m from Melbourne, I travel a lot and would love to be able to connect to some fitblrs, especially in my home town!!!

SO if you’re an Australian runner, lifter, yogi, baller, swimmer, vegan WHATEVER health related blog, please like/reblog this so I can follow you!! Thank you :)

Hugh Jackman posted this picture and caption on his twitter so I decided to make an IG out of it! 😍💪🎥
Lift HEAVY WEIGHTS - men and women! Women do not produce the same amount of testosterone to build muscle like men so shape, strength and improved functionality will occur. I lift heavy weights and love the mental AND physical workout it gives me. Lift things up, put them down and repeat!  👌👊💪🙌💜
It’s your choice.

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Taken from my Facebook post today:

"I can’t believe the biggest newspaper in the country (Australia)  is publishing the right information about how to get or stay healthy:
1. take care of your digestive system
2. eat more raw foods with lots of variety
3. go and get more time outdoors
4. AVOID processed “food” and sugar
5. get better quality sleep and
6. take care of your mental health.

It sounds so obvious but so many people don’t know this information and just want a quick fix. Health should NEVER be a quick fix. “Oh no I’m sick, I’ll just pop some pills, get healthy, then I’ll go back to being sick again!” Does that sound ridiculous? That’s because IT IS!!!!! THAT is the life so many people live today because they don’t follow the fundamental rules to being healthy. I may not be perfect myself, but my GOD, at least I’m getting myself some education and applying what I’ve learned.

People don’t know how good the body is designed to feel. They don’t know how what they put in their mouths every day to eat or drink can determine whether or not they get a cold this winter or if it will cause them chronic pain in their 60’s. Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food…
Rant over.”

In reference to this link.

This is something I had to put out there. Tumblr, you get it. Us fitblrs know our shit and if you don’t yet, you’re learning. We have a special environment that encourages people to be fit and healthy. But a lot of people out there don’t have that drive, they don’t know better and they don’t have the information available to them. I’m on a mission to help spread that information, the CORRECT information about health.

www.malloryjadehealth.tumblr.com is my holistic health blog. It’s just started, but I’ve already got a lot of follows so I know there are people out there who want to get healthy the NATURAL way.


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My progress.
There isn’t a heap of difference between the three comparison photos, but I can tell from the photos on the far right that I have lost a bit of fat. I never noticed any change until now, so I’m glad I took these photos!
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Today I shared this picture of “mucus forming” and “non-mucus forming” foods on my Facebook page, captioning it with “Mucus is one method the body uses to remove toxins and acids. If you’re body will want to remove the waste your “food” produces, why eat it?”. To me, that made sense - the body does have many methods of removing wastes, toxins, and pollutants, and mucus is one of them. The perfect example is the common cold. Sore throat, puffy eyes, and don’t you know it.. mucus and lots of it. I decided to look into this further to find out exactly what causes mucus and if foods can really contribute to our mucus levels. The body produces mucus as a means to keep it moist and lubricated, as well as a means of transportation for microbes and antibodies - healthy mucus is clear and slippery, but unhealthy mucus is thick, cloudy and sticky. This excess “bad” mucus is is caused by toxins, pollutants, food additives and allergies, and is most commonly associated with the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal tract and the lymphatic system. Some foods and drinks can be beneficial when it comes to producing the right kind of mucus, so the photo I shared was partially correct. Obviously, a diet rich in fruit and vegetables will be beneficial to good health and a diet high in processed carbs, meat, and dairy will go against the cause. Alkalising is good way to reduce this unhealthy mucus from forming. Dr. Otto Warburg, a German biochemist, won a Nobel prize in 1931 for proving sickness and disease, primarily cancer cells, cannot survive in an alkaline environment. So by eating a diet full of alkaline forming foods you are supporting your immune system, in additional to better health and well being - your mum was right when she told you to eat your greens as fruits and vegetables are very alkalising. The problem with this is the nutrient density (or lack thereof) in our soil and ultimately our produce. As it is, the standard Western diet does not consist of 90% or above organic, raw vegan eats so as a nation (and indeed, the entire Western population) is undernourished. Industrialisation has caused food to become a business, so mass cropping and low soil turn over means what little nutrients are left in the soil are barely reaching our produce - this produce is then picked or pulled before their ripened, thus cutting off what little nutrient supply they have. For this reason, it’s incredibly important to supplement your diet with alkalising, nutrient and enzyme dense plant based supplements.  Go green, alkalise your body, assist in the removal of wastes and toxins by exercising regularly, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep. Healthy mucus is beneficial so let’s keep it that way! :)
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It’s here! Each Monday in May, join me in eating only raw foods for better health! More energy, better sleep, sharper mental focus, weight loss, and digestive health are just some of the benefits… Sounds great right? :) 

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